One woman’s journey to embrace wholeness and healing beyond repression and shame.

These stories reteach and put to rest old, tired paradigms of what it means to be a woman. Structured as letters, MotherJana blends the sacred and the sensual, the wisdom of the body, unearths buried treasures of mystical, contemplative Christianity, and promotes a new way of thinking of womanhood within a global community.

It’s the Second Coming, cherie. Full of love and wisdom. Utterly divine.

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You can visit the website,, to learn about mentorship programs and education about combining the sacred and the sensual through yoga, meditation, bodywork and writing as therapy. The traditional Christian church has done a shameful job of helping us understand the wisdom of our bodies in the last 2000 years.

Hear teachings and preachings on the MotherJana YouTube channel, an effort to form a new kind of Catholic understanding.

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Read the first book, Letters to a Young Woman, Lessons on Life and Love, from Paris, available on Amazon.

Forthcoming: Letters to a Young Man: Instructions on Faith and Love, from Philadelphia.

This is the Path of the Rebel, The Mary Way

Woman up! Be part of a community of people who want to see women of prominence elevated as messengers of love throughout Christianity and beyond, to heal the shame, repression, abuse and domination that has existed for too many centuries.

Our women are guides, healers, and priestesses. Mothers. Daughters. Sisters. Lovers. Dancers, too. We adore men. We just don’t let them make all the rules.

Let’s get SexyJesus down off that cross so he can join the party. No doubt he’s an amazing dancer.