Remove the Word "Should" from Your Vocabulary

Lessons on spiritual enlightenment

Get your head out of the gutter and listen!

July 29, 2020 (The Feast of St. Martha! Was she boring? She may have been a little boring.)


I am just a nutcase. I mean, let’s get that fact front and center, straight and clear.

And some sort of exhibitionist or performance artist/spiritual teacher. Figure that part out on your own.

And so, Babycakes, you learn to own what you are, and love what you are, and just have fun with it. Enjoy yourself, and those around you will also enjoy you.

People in this world take themselves too seriously. And when you take yourself too seriously, Buttcheeks, you invite a whole host of suffering that is just not necessary.

I say all of this on July 29th, during the month I gave myself permission to smoke cigarettes because I cannot travel to Europe like I want to, and I finished my last cigarette last night, and I am a bit sad about this absence now, because I refuse to buy another pack for the 3 remaining days of July. (Cigarettes taste so bad. I just like that all-out body hum, you know what I mean?)



I have been busy at work doing fun things, like recording all of these videos on YouTube about spiritual development and enlightenment with a feminine, Christian yogic lens. Or a Tantric yogic lens. Or a Tantric Christian yogic lens. These lessons are rooted in the Wisdom Tradition, which is kinda feminine and all-around awesome.

And I go all out, darling. In everything I do, I just cannot, will not, do not, go half-way. There is no concept here, of “should.”

I am an all-the-way kind of girl.

I like all-the-way kind of people.

Halfsies can suck my toes and see if they’re converted.

Love and hugs,


P.S. Netflix is for sissies. My YouTube channel is the good shit. Explore! Subscribe!

I also have a few spiritual lessons/storytelling theatre pieces for your listening ears on Spotify,, Apple (which I think has gone to all hell since Steve Jobs died). This is the most delightful stuff! (I’m only sharing this insight with you, on Substack, by the way. ‘Cause social media drives me crazy.)

I simultaneously think you should BUY MY BOOK! I’m really smart!

And now, I’ll shut up.