The Feminine Christ

Can you believe in a woman?


July 22, 2020

Today is the feast day of Mother Mary Magdalene.

A reading from my gospel according to MotherJana, Letters to a Young Woman: Lessons on Life and Love, from Paris

January 29, 2020

La Rouquet, St. Germain de Pres, Paris, France

Oh goodness, I have so much to say and I go off down paths, and then I have to come back to what I was trying to tell you all along, which was originally about my leading, about how I was given a mystical experience to help me uncover my own purpose, my own understanding that did not simply exist in books, because so many of the sacred books that were written about our Teacher, and even before our Teacher, are gone. And the special, very magical woman Mary Magdalene is a Presence heretofore unknown, because she has been living in the shadows of existence, popping out every once in a while, but now we are meant to uncover her role, and understand her love for Jesus and his love for her, and recognize that the Great Divine Healer Who Came in the Form of a Man was not celibate, or averse to sex, but very likely had an intimate relationship with Mary Magdalene our church leaders don’t want you to know about, because that would make them reverse all their dogma and look at things anew, and they fear it will break apart the very fabric of society.

Well, I say, let’s break it apart and make it new.

I think it’s about time. When a vicious man with a combover and extremely low intelligence but a lot of hatred is elected into the wealthiest country in the world, and you have all sorts of wars starting to break out, and everyone is waking up scared for their lives not only because all of these awful people are in charge of the world’s countries, but also because you could walk anywhere, especially into schools, and be shot by your own people on any given day, well, honey, that is a time to break the old apart and figure out some things so we can make a new world. That is the time for the Kingdom Come, I tell you. Can you hear me? I think you can.

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